Telco, ISP & Cellular Highsite

A dedicated and highly specialised division of Infracomm Technology Solutions that focuses on plan, supply, build and commissioning of services to the fixed line Telco’s, Wireless GSM carriers and ISP markets, these projects often involve working in Exchange and Data Centre environments that control the voice and data traffic for many thousands of customers.

We are currently vendors to, and are involved in ongoing projects for both of South Africa’s fixed line network operators, projects include; Fibre longhaul, FTTH, Router Installations, DC power connection, Critical Alarm exchange wiring, Microwave installs and LAN cabling.

Increasingly ISPs are extending both their last mile reach and value offering to clients, Infracomm has multiple technology offerings to cost effectively connect CPE’s with carried class speeds, QOS and centralised network management. Our solutions offering include VSAT, Metro Mesh Wireless, Point to Multi Point 5,8Ghz, FTTH and Cabled options.

GSM Cellular network services including Turnkey site builds, Cellular Backhaul, Antenna Upgrades, Feeder Cable installs, DC Power and Tower maintenance.

As part of this division Infracomm facilitates all licensing requirements throughout Africa as well as, Highsite acquisitions, complete mast builds or equipment rentals on over 100 existing secure RF Towers throughout South Africa.